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How To Sell More Tires

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How To Sell More Tires

Since we all rely heavily on our vehicles, it is no surprise that tire shops are located everywhere. Without them, the automotive industry would stop in its tracks, or the numbers of drivers would diminish drastically. Not a lot of people would be willing to tackle the “process” of replacing a punctured tire and putting a new one on the wheel, and we are lucky to have tire shops at our disposal. However, those shops are not only performing the maintenance of tires and cars, but they are also selling new tires and putting them on the vehicles for our convenience. Since not all car owners are familiar with the ways in which they can improve their sales, this article will give them several tips on how to sell more tires in the shop.


First of all, it is vital that the shop has a good location, and without a good position – your odds of attracting a lot of “accidental” customers are not very strong. Therefore, tire shops need to be located in high-traffic areas, and the salesperson should use every visit to the store as an opportunity to promote the company and to make the visitors came back and to make a purchase. Also, visibility is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and if your tires are not displayed in a way that allows everyone to see clearly what your shop is offering – you are doing something wrong. The tires are your products, and you must promote your goods and allow the customers to understand what exactly you are offering.

IMG_20110520_170123_0As we said earlier, promotion is essential when it comes to companies that are selling something, and all tire shop owners should invest a lot of time and money in advertising. Making billboards, placing an ad or two in the local newspaper or onto the radio, painting the shop in interesting and exciting colors, using mascots, and so on, are all perfectly reasonable methods of attracting the guests and thus making more sales. Also, discounts, bonuses, and sales are a regular occurrence in shops that sell something, and creative ideas for special events and bonuses will certainly boost the sales of your tires.

Since we are living in the digital era, almost any business, no matter how big, is moving onto the virtual destinations of the Internet, and your tire shop should also get online as soon as possible. If your budget does not allow you to create a website, social media can serve as a great replacement, and these services are usually free of charge, which is another important advantage. By having an online presence,

customers can find your contact information more easily, or they can learn about your prices, and multiple benefits come out of the fact that your company has an own website. Additionally, relations with the customers are something that needs to be nurtured and cultivated, and every visitor to your shop or your website is important, and you should treat him or her in the most pleasant and professional manner.

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